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Do you recall the moment you fell in love?

No, not the day, month, or occasion–but moment. The second your heart finally gave in? The second you no longer wanted to turn back? The second a spark ignited the flame; the moment time stopped, because true love finally came?

Remember that moment, with all its details surrounding you. And, stop. (Click.) That is what we, the Arla Productions family, are here to do.​

So let’s have fun, and be excited, 
so much out there awaits.
Let our photographs be your time machines, 
trust us, this will be great. ;)


We are storytellers; visual poets. Wide-eyed believers of romance, lovestruck for each story that comes our way. We record not only your valued moments, but also all the in-between. The giggle you make when you realized you’re hugging each other rather awkwardly. The whispers you share, uttering inner jokes that make you laugh, that takes you way, way back, and reminds you of what made you fall in love. 

Films are the time capsules of romance; once you open them, you do not just reminisce about your love. You relive it. With our films, we aim to create timeless clips that showcase the best, most genuine parts of you, for you to keep in the years ahead. We hope you show it to your children, we hope they see what your journey entailed. And we hope they smile, and then embark to become wide-eyed believers of love, themselves.

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