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Edrick & Alditha

Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te.

In Italian, it means,

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

We all dream of amore. In translation, love. We long for our hands to interlace with another's, for our eyes to get lost in the galaxy of another's. We long to spend so much time with a person where our footsteps would fall in sync. Where their smiles could leave our hearts aflutter. Where amore comes in, with so, so much to offer.

There aren't that many couples who are as lovable and charming as Edrick and Alditha. From the lovely, heartwarming moments they shared together during our shoot, it was clear how doting their hearts were to each other. And those moments were as dreamy as moments could be – exploring an Italian chateau, dancing and laughing atop a windy pier, strutting through the city in matching trench coats and coffee cups in hand – our experience with them was nothing short of memorable.

The funny thing about our story with Edrick and Alditha is that our main director, Michelle, had actually known them a few years earlier. “I spotted them at St. Francis church,” she said, “and I recognised how adorable they were together.” She described how the two always showed up in church together, arm in arm and well-dressed, a charming couple in itself. “My friends and I kept sort of calling it ‘Relationship goals’,” she confessed. By the look of both Edrick and Alditha, it isn’t hard to see why.

It is no coincidence that they’re seen dancing their hearts out on that pier with a scenic view. It is the pier of Wiliamstown, a ports-and-piers suburb a half hour’s drive away from the Melbourne city. A small town of quaint storefronts and fetching boats, a pier that offers a distant view of the city upon the horizon. It was in Williamstown that the couple had first met. Many years ago, on a gathering held at the beach.

“He and I went to the same church, so together, we joined Mudika,” Alditha explained. Mudika is a Catholic community for Indonesian students in Melbourne. It was Edrick’s last year of university, and the two had both joined an outing Mudika had arranged to the Williamstown beach. “Okay, it might sound very religious – meeting someone from a church outing,” Alditha uttered, “but we’re really casual, we just happen to be close to the people there. Our hangouts are non religion-related, though, hahah!” she joked.

When Alditha first met Edrick, she told us she was attracted from that very first time. It was mostly due to Edrick’s frame – tall, lean, and well-dressed with a kind demeanour. Edrick also found Alditha quite winsome. “We just clicked within our first conversation,” Alditha said.

The two share a fondness for travelling together – they love exploring new places together. Some places they’ve visited together include Japan and Europe – both of which Edrick listed as his favourite memories. “Edrick and I love trying out new dining places,” Alditha told us. An avid traveller and photo-taker, and a fan of Disneyland or theme parks herself, Alditha also happens to be a fan of musical theatre. Edrick, on the other hand, leans more towards athletic hobbies – his two favourites are badminton and swimming. But apart from going out to find new, far-away experiences, the two also love to just spend the day staying in and cuddling in the warmth of their home.

Many things about Edrick can tickle Alditha’s heart, like the way he’s unafraid to make a situation fun with his sense of humour. “When he’s dancing around aimlessly hahah, or when he makes fun of me with song lyrics,” she described. “He’s quite a prankster, sometimes it annoys me how devious he is but I can’t help but laugh!”

Edrick admitted he loves Alditha for various reasons he could mention. “She’s smart, beautiful, she’s good in the way she carries herself,” he described. “She fully supports me in anything I do,” he continued. He also mentioned her petite frame – “It’s perfect cuddle size!” he said.

The two go through life hand in hand like they were meant to. Alditha, a doe-eyed girl with a vibrant smile, gazes into Edrick’s eyes like she trusts him with her whole life. “He thinks about our future,” she explained, “and he’s quite a hard-working man.” Above all, Edrick makes Alditha feel understood. “He knows what I want, before I even tell him,” she said.

We from ARLA have adored knowing more about their stories and taking part in their journey, mostly because it gives us hope, of what the most memorable of love stories can be.

“Just keep being you,” Edrick writes to Alditha. “I love you the way you are.”

In return, her words were, “Hopefully we can continue to have fun together. To still put effort for one another – til we’re old and grey.”

That’s the dream, our golden dream of amore. Ever-present, everlasting, until we’re old and grey.

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