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Some Changes...

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

There’s been some changes around here. Which may be why you haven’t heard from us in so long.

Throughout this summer, our Arla family has gone through a lot — among our never-ending to-do lists, we’ve welcomed new members, and said goodbye to others. We took trips to Japan, New Zealand, all of which not without their own sets of challenges and technical difficulties. (And yes, these things happen! Even to the best of us.)

It is an adventure – this line of work we do. An adventure in every working day.

But these weeks, we are back. Rays of warm sunlight fall through the trees up and down Collins Street. The bustling city, the sound of a hundred footsteps, clanging bells from trams and clock towers. We sip our coffee, and there is light, as the memories of our summer linger. Little by little, we settle back to our everyday lives in Melbourne.

Many people assume that working according to your “passion” means everything runs smoothly, and everyday feels like magic.

But as a team, and as creatives in the field, we all know this isn’t always the case.

Of course, we still wouldn’t have it any other way — the love stories we get to hear, the people we get to work with, the art we get to deliver, and the scenic places we get to see.

But believe it or not, work is work! Arla has stood firm because of the tireless efforts our beloved team has put in. The extensive work hours, the unending clients’ liaising, the back-and-forth of finding avenues through which we can make our business grow.

Every bit of Arla Productions – through the past three years it’s been running – is a labour of love. Our labour of love. And in the same way we sit together in the office, hunkered over our screens together, we also take joy in celebrating little collective milestones. Whether it was getting our office space, upgrading our team, or going on our first trip to New Zealand. We keep our office walls decorated with handwritten notes and memorable Polaroids.

No, our love for the work doesn’t erase the challenges. But rather, it helps us push through.

So to answer the long-standing question, this is certainly our passion. We love this work, and everything it stands for, fiercely. And that love keeps us steady.

And we push onward, as the season slowly changes in Melbourne. As many other things change in our little family, too. But the trees are letting their leaves fall, and in the same way, we graciously thank and let go of the old.

We are unafraid of change. Because love, however challenging, is worth celebrating, and always worth holding onto.

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